GeekBuddy Prompts to fix pc with live technician

Hello all,

Believe there are some recent updates to the free CIS which causing geekbuddy to keep prompting about my computer’s corrupted registry or browser issues. I turned off notifications from message centre and show notification messages.

This is useful but it keeps prompting multiple times in an hour per day. Just wondering how to fix this?

Thank you.

Can you post a screenshot of the such an alert?

Hi cavey,
Just to add to Erics request for a screenshot, did you unintentionally install the trial version of GeekBuddy during an update?
This can be checked in Windows control panel under ‘Programs and Features’.


Hello EricJH and CaptainSticks.

Thank you for your quick reply and pointing me in the right direction. Screenshot is attached (GB_1.JPG).

Checked program and features Installation of Geekbuddy is in 8 of March 2015 (Programs and Features.JPG)! Not sure how it got there but it is only in recent days that i been getting non stop notifications and i assumed it was CIS.

I will proceed to uninstall Geekbuddy and see how it goes from there.

Thanks again!

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Hi cavey,
I suspect that alert is generated by GeekBuddy, not CIS.
When installing CIS, you need to select ‘Customize Installation’ (See Step 2 in the help link below) to see additional installation options. (Screenshot of additional options)
Installation Configuration Step 2-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

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