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I recently purchased Comodo Internet Security Complete. Yesterday I found a registry issue so contacted Geekbuddy to be told I had to buy another addon for $99. However on the Comodo website it states Geekbuddy unlimited access 24/7??? I am NOT happy, waste of money!

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I checked the website of Comodo and both CIS Pro and CIS Complete do not have

One-Click, Remote Help For All PC Issues, 24x7

Help with PC tune-up, software installation, parental control, printer settings etc.

I think this describes Geekbuddy.

Both CIS Pro and CIS Complete come with

Immediate, Live Expert Virus Removal

Our Experts will clean your PC, uninstall old antivirus, and ensure your PC remains clean.

Geekbuddy with CIS Pro and CIS Complete are now offered by .

What did you see on the Comodo website? What do you recall seeing?

Go to URL (below) and it states the following:

More than just a Security Suite

Comodo Internet Security Complete 6 is more than a security suite, it also offers 24/7 access to our highly trained PC experts ready to provide support anytime day or night. Just click the desktop icon and you will be connected to a Comodo security expert who will assist you via chat and remote connection to your desktop.

‘So Comodo is not providing the service that it show during purchase; in the UK it would come under the trade descriptions act as the website says it does come with 24/7 Geekbuddy support.’

Comodo Pro states the following:

Comodo Internet Security Pro 6 offers extreme protection backed by Comodo’s Virus-Free Guarantee. Combined with additional feature such as 24/7 365 day remote support, Comodo Internet Security Pro 6 offers a better solution to your Internet security needs.

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BTW $99 Addon pack… I’d better reinstall my OS for FREE…! ;D
No registry issues then :stuck_out_tongue:

Ishaan I really do ‘not’ understand what you are talking/going on about???


If you go to Comodo main site on GeekBuddy page here you’ll see the difference with CIS complete. For $99.95 you have GeekBuddy with free Internet Security Complete which involves :
Unlimited 24/7/365 Technical Support
Unlimited 24/7/365 Virus Removal

With Comodo Internet Security Complete ($89.99) you only have Live Expert Virus Removal, as is stated on CIS Complete page :
“Best Virus Protection on the Market:
Comodo Antivirus Cleans Malware
Comodo Firewall Protection
Defense+ Host Intrusion Protection
Auto Sandbox Technology™
TrustConnect™ Wi-Fi Data Encryption
Online Backup Stores Critical Files
Live Expert Virus Removal

If you explain to GeekBuddy that you have already paid $89.99 for CIS complete, maybe they will ask you just the difference between the $99.95 for GeekBuddy with free Internet Security Complete and what you have already paid.

I digged a bit deeper in the web site and found it is not consistent in what it offers.

I have attached three screenshots. The first one is what I found and reported in my previous post using the comparison function. The other two are describtions from the Features and Support tab. The Support tab will promiss Geekbuddy where the Features tab only promises Unlimited Live Expert Virus Removal.

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I would write a complaint if I was you tsgc84. 88)

I sent a pm to Melih to learn whether GB is or is not part of the CIS Complete package. I also quoted my above post with the analysis of the inconsistencies on the web site.

It’s almost weekend so I can only hope I will get a reply quickly; otherwise it may be after the weekend…

Whether or not Geekbuddy is part of CIS Complete, it shouldn’t cost $99 to get it if there are cheaper Geekbuddy packages…which there are. It costs $99 for the Geekbuddy that includes CIS Complete for “free”. The cheapest package is ~$60 and includes Antivirus Advanced for “free”. Although, if it truly is free, why is it the only difference between each package is which version of Comodo you get for “free”? Perhaps it’s more accurate you say that the different packages include different bundled software which you pay for.

From another point of view… I always go to advance set up when installing and tick off Geek Farty… Just an added bloatware that is not needed.

Well let’s not take this way, even though you don’t need Geek Buddy that doesn’t mean is bloatware, for inexperienced users is a good addition.

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You know there is something suspicious when a program includes “Buddy” in the name.

Take Bonzibuddy for example…

A more broad definition of ‘Buddy’ is a ‘friend willing to spend time with you’. :slight_smile:

It is clear that CIS COMPLETE includes GEEKBUDDY but only for virus removal and CIS installation. All support required to clean a PC and keep it that way, is included for $89.99 (CIS COMPLETE PRICE). But if you require a far more advance tech support in GeekBuddy such a registry errors and similar, then you must have the CIS COMPLETE version that includes that type of services in GeekBuddy ($99.95 CIS COMPLETE PRICE). Notice the $10 price difference.

I think you will see it clearly when you purchase CIS COMPLETE, where they offer a GeekBuddy Full Support Add-on for $9.95:
“We’ll help you with computer slowness, printer issues, network setup and more, in addition to fixing your malware and virus problems. Get a deep discount when you purchase with Comodo Internet Security.”

The price you say or that they gave you ($99) is a mistake. It is only $9.95 additional to your current license.
Hope this answer all your questions about it.