GeekBuddy failed install on startup

Hello, I have problem with GeekBuddy. Each time on Window’s startup, GeekBuddy tries to install itself (first downloads the file lps-gb-x86.msi and then tries to extract/install it somewhere and apparently fails to do that). If I try to open GeekBuddy, the same thing happens.

Here’s some pics:

The download part.

The install/extract part.

It happened a while ago (don’t remember exactly when), I think after an update.

It didn’t bother me too much before, so I didn’t pay much attention to it, but now I need GeekBuddy to help me install Comodo on my laptop as well (if I remember correctly, I can install Comodo to up to 3 computers using the same license - if not correct me, please).

I’m with Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012.
Windows XP 64-bit.


It may be a write permissions issue or some software product blocking Geek Buddy from installing. In order to identify and resolve your problem we need to have more details (operating system, additional security software, PC settings or other relevant info). The best way to achieve that is for you to access and click “Chat Now” in the upper right corner to get in contact with one of our technicians.

Alternatively, you can contact the support department at the following phone number, so we can properly identify and solve the problems you encounter:
LivePCSupport Phone Number: +1 571 730 5268

Thank you for your support.