GeekBuddy Error

See attached.

Any solution?

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Hello :slight_smile:

First lets clear out the temporary files incase you may have duplicates of the installer already there thus giving you an error
Go to start > programs > acc > command prompt (Right click run as admin) >
de /f /s /q %temp%

Then Go Here To Download GeekBuddy

Did this help?


fixed url

Hi Jake,

I’ve done exactly what you told me to do. I’ve successfully installed the latest version of GeekBuddy.

While it is loading, “Checking for updates…”, suddenly GeekBuddy stop running and pops out the same error windows.

Any idea?


This an error which is generally returned by NSIS when the setup file is corrupted due to unproper transfer or download. You are the first one reporting that issue, we’ve never encountered this symptom before.

The current version of Geek Buddy is 3.1.177538.38 and I think that when you install 3.1.170563.30 it checks for updates and starts downloading the latest version (3.1.177538.38) when the NSIS error occurs.

Make sure that your network/Internet settings are correct and that you properly uninstall Geek Buddy from Control panel before installing again. My primary assumption is that it’s a network issue causing the corrupt setup download.

Thank you for your support.

Hi Jake & Adrian,

Problem solved.

I’ve found the corrupted GeekBuddy installer which located at " Documents → COMODO → binaries → gb_setup_3.1.177538.38.exe ".

Just delete this corrupted file and updates again.

Thank you for all your help. Problem finally solved !