Geek Buddy should not be proposed with CIS Pro!

Today I installed CIS Pro10. It also installed Geek Buddy.
After installation I ran Geek Buddy and I let Geek Buddy Scan My PC.
When you get the scan results and you try the Optimize and fix it button you get connected to Live Tech Support where they then tell you you need to pay to get help.
This is something I am used to get from malicious websites - not from my trusted Internet Security program.
In any good program you would be able to get detailed information on Junk Files, Junk Registries, Browser Addons and have to possibility to clean those that you checked.
I have 9 Browser addons. I know and I trust them. Geek Buddy finds this a serious problem. What will it do - clean them away???

And look at the added Health report.
For Malware Protection Check it states : Not Protected with a red bar and the mention “Serious”
Really? So what did I buy CIS Pro for? I thought this protected me !!???
And during setup I was warned to remove al other malware protection !!!

A Malware scan considers Geek Buddy malware. They are sooo right!!!

I just read a post in the Dutch forum.
Someone did a clean install and unchecked Comodo Dragon and Geek Buddy but they ware installed anyway.

I don’t know what to say but I and many others where able to install CIS without dragon or geek buddy if those where unchecked in the installer options.

It was never automatically installed on my system either. Must be some sort of conspiracy.

Futuretech and Windstorm - this was a comment coming from another user.
For test purpose I did install Geek Buddy.
Did you read my comments on what it did?
Maybe you both never installed/used Geek Buddy.

I would like some comments from someone who uses Geek Buddy.
Most interested in what one should do about the warning “Not Protected”

Your query will get more attention in appropriate section.

Thanks Windstorm. I copied the post in that section - see
So this thread can be closed - I locked it