Geek Buddy popup

There is a persistent popup from geekbuddy (do you need expert help…) when CIS finds a suspicious file even when GeekBuddy is not installed. Checking “Do not show this message again” box works till restart.

Please create a screenshot.


No problem, this was taken after reboot when i was trying to access potentially “dangerous” file.

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  1. Did you check if Geekbuddy is listed under “Add/Remove Programs” ?
  2. Please provide a screenshot/list with running processes when you get mentioned alert. What process does it use?

Yes, there is no Geekbuddy on that list. I did not choose geekbuddy when i was installing cis. It is happening on new windows 10 install.
I am attaching a process list in pdf format (exported from csv) format.
Every dangerous file generates this popup after reboot.

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Use “Disable-ShowGeekBuddyOfferRealTime.reg” from attachment & Restart system. Any effect?

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Popup is gone so far, if it will come back i will post in this thread.

Thanks for your help!