Geek Buddy installed even when I said I didn't want it

I recently had to re-install CIS10 as it wasn’t working and it couldn’t sort itself out. During the install process I am sure I was given the option to omit Geek Buddy during the install but when I continues after unchecking this option it still downloaded and installed Geek Buddy

If it has for whatever reason and you don’t want or use it; uninstall it through Control Panel > Programs and Applications

I have uninstalled it. My concern is that I specifically set the install routine to not install it and yet it did anyway. I can uninstall it but when I say I don’t want something I expect the installer to respect my wishes

Also found that Dragon Browser had installed when I told it not to.

So many people complain about unwanted Comodo software being installed even after stating they have specifically unchecked those options. I can’t say I have EVER come across this, as 99% of the time it is user error.


Just wondering, can I even manually uncheck said boxes while installing CIS 10? I know I could in the past and unchecked boxes to not install Geek Buddy and Comodo Dragon. I couldn’t find those options anymore and later manually removed Geek Buddy and Dragon.

Hi ComGer,
Please see the components tab in step 2 of the instructions in the help link below.
CIS Premium – Installation-Comodo Help