Geek buddy improvement and many virtual kiosk to manage

Hi i know i am posting two diferent things first one i see geek buddy bring basic solutions and i think they must be capacited, i dont use geek buddy because preffer consult in my fórum i think if its a pay service the buddies must be more capacited or in my specific situation they dont bring me quality solutions in virus problems or on Windows stability problems.

Second one i am adict to virtual machines and i think its a good feature have many virtual kiosk and manage it to use one aplications in one and anothers in other, i think its good feature and please try to improve it and integrate the av análisis in virtual kiosk was fantastic feature take in count and good bless you

I brought Comodo Complete with the Geekbuddy add-on and have used them several times, it cost $99 but it was well-worth-it! They are Microsoft certified and tested. You only have to wait 5-10 seconds before you chat to one, so overall an excellent service.

For me sadly no and its a ic crititic i dont know if they was a ms cerftified because i found more solutions on google and always recive same solutions or i see erratic clicks on interface or erratics tries to solve problem i think they must have to her us more and then solve concret problems for now they are good but i remember a better support before a years ago version 4 or 5