geek buddy and antierror problems

after having the latest update installed automatically I have had nothing but problems. it appears that a component of the software (unit.exe) is causing the CPU to load to 100% or near making the computer unusable.
I have had many sessions with GB where various things were changed, registry scanned, program uninstalled/reinstalled (more than once) and what I believe was a bug free version installed, with limited success, however when the system was re started the original update appeared again and back to square 1. I have complained via a fault ticket #KIG-327536 without any resolution and now have the only option to ‘we can only suggest to uninstall and find another solution that meet your needs.’
How can this be an option?
I have paid for a service, I have had none, I am told I am protected against malware, should this not cover software updates downloaded automatically that are stopping my computer from operating as it did previously? Irrespective of where they originated (Comodo)
To be told uninstall and go elsewhere and to add to the insult -they/you have refused to refund !
I have been referred to the terms and conditions, which I have read - the part that would seem to apply in this case could be as you can not rectify to replace my hardware…
what say you? ???
So where are you mods or staff, or is it perhaps if we criticize we don’t get an answer??


Sorry about the delay in responding.

We had an issue with AntiError in the previous version that has since been resolved.

Please let me know if this is still an issue and we can make sure you get an updated version of the software.