GDI count normal?

Oh well I guess there is nothing more to do than hope for good weather and smarter coding in the future…

You are free to write a separate bug report where you can explain what is broken in CFP3 under the guidance in that section at This discussion has not identified any CFP problems, only uneasy feelings that there might be “too much” GDI usage in CFP3. This forum is where design and architecture issues are surfaced and is regularly read by Melih, the Comodo CEO.

Too right!

Windows memory management displays the consistency and tidiness of a lunatic eating lunch on a ferris wheel. Throw in Nvidia and ATI’s apparent concept of “speed is king - ■■■■ the accuracy - maybe if the errors are too quick they won’t notice” and it’s a fetid field we’re ploughing through. :wink:

Still, I hope more people add their USER and GDI readings here - it’ll be interesting to see the variance.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

CFP sys tray only USER 560 GDI 833
CFP main gui only USER 560 GDI 833
CFP 5 windows D+ USER 659 GDI 969

Does your graphics card or how cool your chips are have any relevance on these amounts?


Mine is with logging disabled (maybe that helps?). I haven’t opened the GUI yet. About 1.5 hours after starting up my XP:

cpf.exe = 677
cmdagent = 5

With main GUI opened only cpf.exe changed to 684 GDI’s. Then with it minimized and then minimized to system tray, it turned to 701 GDI’s.

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