GData CloudSecurity

G Data CloudSecurity is a new, free-of-charge plugin for the popular browsers Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It effectively blocks access to known malware distribution and phishing websites - in realtime. The plugin can be used alongside any other installed security suite and is ready for action after installing; no additional configuring required. A simple way to more security on the web by G Data, the award winning manufacturer of security software. Free plugin for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
* Compatible with all other security products
* Prevents access to malware and phishing websites
* Install once – no updates required
* PC performance remains unaffected
* Deal supplement for free AV programs</blockquote>

I’ll never understand why people don’t have the foresight to include support for Chromium browsers. 88)

Better wait for FF users feedback.

I can’t say chrome is the best but it’s fast. I rather use firefox my personal opinion.

It seems light & effective. Just watched a youtube test. Blocked 7/10.


I wonder if they’ll ever bring out an opera extension?

Does G Data CloudSecurity works the same as Panda Cloud Antivirus? Or maybe G Data has a greater capability to protect a computer?

CloudSecurity is only a browser addon and panda cloud is a (somewhat poor in my opinion) cloud antivirus. You can’t compare the two really.

I have it currently installed and its annoying to hell. If you like to blog then don’t even bother installing it. Any website that has a blog will be instantly blocked if you try to navigate to it, something about the blog.[website].com sets the bells off.

Also this is the free edition, so advertisements as always (which always kinda destroys the look I think) This is what the blocking page looks like

And the last thing that drives me nuts about this addon is the ugly button you have to put up with next to the home button. You can’t move it and it displays news feeds every now and then.

Meh! I’m using Opera and MyWot has been compatible with it for a short time.
Well I’m interest to install in in IE.

It’s not working for me on Firefox 3.6.15, but it may be working on the beta. I don’t use the beta. It seems to work fine on IE8 as well.