Gave it a try but.....

CIS does not play friendly with Win7 RC (at least on my computer) for some odd reason, the hard drive will just cease to function, no I/O or anything, and eventually windows would BSOD. This has only happened before with Vista, but the hard drive would actually try to do something. In this case, it just stops completely. :frowning:

Once I unistalled CIS and went back to NOD, everything works just fine.

So in my case, the AV is just not ready yet, but I will reinstall the firewall portion :slight_smile:

So you’re saying the AV isn’t ready yet because it has issues on the beta OS you’re running? 88)

d’oh my bad, i don’t mean CIS itself is not ready for the big time (it certainly is) :a0 :a0 :a0
but as i can’t go back to Vista due to the hard drive failing in 5 minutes. I (as in me) have to wait a little more.

Well gggggggeeeeezzzzzz Windows 7 is BETA. use at your own risk. If something is not yet that compatible then don’t blame CIS. Use a normal OS such as Vista or XP.

Chill out ppl… he is obviously well aware of the fact that he is using a beta OS and that all products are not compatible with Win 7 yet. I’m sure this was just an FYI more than anything. Comodo will probably focus on Win 7 after the RTM date… still have plenty of time to go.

Well I see nothing written by the user stating that he understands that using a beta is can cause incompatibility issues. If he does know this then why make a thread about it.

Well, he is also mentioning problem on Vista too and that OS is NOT beta…

I’m using the Windows 7 RC and CIS has been fairly stable on it. The only problems it has caused are with the CIS GUI , it hasn’t negatively affected any other programs or caused crashes.

CIS officially don’t support windows 7 yet.

But I guess they are working on it, bug reports are always welcome! :-TU :-TU

The only mention he makes of Vista is that he can’t revert back to the Vista OS because his hard drive keeps failing every five minutes.

Sounds like more of a hardware issue to me…

@Kitte. There may also be a problem with your hard drive that may be more pressing to investigate then software compatibility.

Download Speedfan , install and run it. It has full Win 7 support.

Go to the SMART tab and see what the SMART status for your hd is. When there is no SMART status shown then you most likely need to enable SMART in the BIOS of your computer (check the motherboard manual for this). Also do the online in depth analysis.