Yep, Gauntlet :slight_smile:

All the fan’s of Dan Brown ( Read “Digital Fortress” or “The Juvenalis Dilemma” as the called it in Dutch ) will know what I mean :slight_smile: But maybe CPF 3 with it’s HIPS is a good start :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Maybe explain for those who haven’t read that book? :slight_smile:


hi,is gauntlet in juvenalis dillema is the same with digital fortress gauntlet?
Gauntlet (in DAN BROWN’S DIGITAL FORTRESS) is America NSA(national security agency) AV program. it rejects viral/dangerous programs or documents and blocks unknown programs to had them checked manually, sounds like HIPS (:TNG).

haven’t read Juvenalis dillema.

Sounds like more fiction to me… :wink: I think maybe CFPv3 is better (or is that too much Comodo flag-waving?).


Gauntlet was a firewall. I think it was of Mcafee, don’t know any more.


I am sorry : “Juvenalis Dilemma” is how they called the Dutch translation of “Digital Fortress” :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

In that case the answer is a resounding yes that CPF3 will be better. (:LGH)