Gateway port forwarding


I m a little bit confused actually im using CF v3 in a gateway so the problem is how can i forward a port (to internet) for an application which is not running in my gateway but in other computers in my LAN


If I understand you correctly, you’re running two machines. One machine is a network host (Windows ICS or something like it) and running CFP. You have a client host running an application, that needs to be Internet accessible on a given port. Your question is, I think, how can CFP forward packets received on the network host to the client machine?

If that is your question, then the answer is, CFP can’t do it. CFP is a firewall, not a router. Port forwarding is a router function. I’m not clear on how it could be done in Windows ICS, if that is what you’re running. It takes some kind of proxy relay software to do port forwarding, but CFP isn’t that software.