Garmin Webupdater

I’m trying to check with Garmin Web Updater, if there is a new map update for my Garmin navigator. Firewall and Defense+ blocks all the time allthough I accept updater program to connect to Garmin website. Anyone knows how to fix this problem?
Thanks in advance


I simply said it was an updater and selected ‘Allow’. No issues to speak of.

Juhako: When allowing, ensure you tick the Remember my Answer box. Alternatively you could manually create the necessary rules in both FW and D+.


Remember my Answer box ticked, no help
Changed to update, no help

Anyway, I changed manually this exe-file from untrusted files to trusted files and it solves the problem. I don’t understand why the selection in pop-up window didin’t go through. Maybe there is a bug in that pop-up window ???

Thanks anyway