garbled image

in ver 276 go to d+, advanced, program security policy and try to edit an application. this is what i get. the image seems to overlap the background image. is this a bug?? if not, any ideas on how to fix it?

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restart your machine…

check your task manager, there must some things going wild with some application, either not cleaning handles, gdi objects etc etc…


thanks for the quick reply, mehih!
that didn’t help. tasks were empty, minimal processes running. after a reboot and still get the problem

passed it to dev guys…

What screen resolution are your running - 72, 96 or 120 DPI??

lcd monitor
60 hz
96 dpi

Does this only happen in the one window?

I have the same as deckie49 (even the LCD settings :o), but it’s not because of display settings from the resolution or monitor.

It’s WindowBlinds. The workaround is to exclude cfp.exe and other CFP .exe files:

The only problem is upon each reboot, you might get this:

And the cause is probably due to:

that was it!!! i also use windowblinds. i made the application settings and everything works fine now.
woohoo!! Thanks!!!