Garbage collector / Cleaning CIS

Hi all.

Please be with me, English is not my mother tong.

I installed CIS time ago and started to use it without major problem, now, after a while, I have this theory that all the clicks authorizing CIS to do or to block requests are somewhere saved in the CIS system. Now as this result (all the clicks saved) when running (basically a new) application I have to wait because the CIS screen appears and click in it and the next CIS screen takes long to show (sometimes really long) for the next click. Sometimes this is minutes and I am talking really small applications not installing something like acrobat or so.

Normally after I start this new application as described, the next run is OK without any (major) delays.

My guess is all the previous clicks are saved somewhere and I need to clean many of them because there are no longer in use or I just want to start over and redefine things.

Do I made myself clear? Maybe this is answered in some other thread but I was unable to successfully search for it.

Is this true?
Do I have to /can do this? Manually or via a procedure?

Thanks in advance for your help

When you have a lot of rules made in CIS it will become slower when storing a rule. With each rule being made all rules will be rewritten to the registry. On my system it takes 10-15s when that is done. During that time CI will eat lot of CPU resources.

Does this answer your question?

Well, yes, the first one. This confirms my suspicions

But, is there a way to “clean” those records?