Gaming Software?


I have recently been remaking Age of Empires Rise of Rome and Age of Mythology. What I need is a gaming platform that could launch the game (It would be the exact same as launching age of mythology for pvp, with a different .exe name).

I would also need two versions, one for the normal players and one for the premium players if possible where I could control the usernames that can and cannot visit the chat area to launch the game in.

I was wondering if this would be possible.

I haven’t done any advertising yet, but the game is about 90% done, I just have to touch up each unit/building, and create a few more myth units then make sure everything is in place and it’s pretty much ready for beta.

You can read about it here :

I’d also like to be able to host tournaments/have ratings/show wins/losses if possible.

Is this possible with the software on this site?

no not all this is posible. Comodo unite is for creating a VPN (virtual private network)

What is Comodo Unite?

Comodo Unite allows users to easily create a secure and encrypted virtual private network (VPNs) between groups of computers. Setting up a Unite network is as easy as clicking a button. Once connected, all computers can securely share any files they choose. Share music and photos with pals, set up a multi-player gaming session, or simply chat with friends using the included messaging service. You can download files directly from another PC, or edit them without downloading them at all. Users are even able to access their work computer from their home machine (& vice versa) or send documents to their local printer from any remote location.

What else can Unite users do?

Create private chat sessions with an unlimited number of participants
Hold meetings with chat and file-sharing between people across the globe
Tune up a friend’s computer from your own
Access any files found on a shared PC in the network
Let family members have constant access to an extensive photo album
Share your applications with friends so they can use software they don’t have installed
All communications over a Unite network use 128-bit SSL encryption for protection from hackers. This includes the chat service, a rarity among instant messengers. Plus, creating and building a network is amazingly simple. Just choose a user name and type in a friend or co-worker’s user name to invite them to join your network. A few button clicks later, PCs are connected!