Gaming Problems [resolved]

I searched and did not see this covered, and I tried what was listed but I have had no success so I am asking for some help. I have two Sony online games that launch using LaunchPad.exe and no matter what I try I cannot get this allowed without having to go through a pop-up.

Also the game that I am launching (this happens in both SWG and EQ2) always has a pop-up for permission even if I have checked the always allow option.

Lastly Messenger will also never start without pop-ups, no ideas here either.

If anyone can help me with this I would really appericate it.

Even though the game is launched through a launchpad, there is still one EXE per application that actually runs the game.

Find the EXE that belongs to each game and create a rule for each with Skip Parent Check enabled.

No luck. Even when you do this it still triggers the LaunchPad.exe first and always requires me to allow it, no way I can find to make a rule for it In fact in the case of Star Wars Galaxies the path for the game goes through the LaunchPad. Even when I accept the LaunchPad pop-up it always gives me another pop-up for the game itself.

I am of the belief that this has something to do specifficaly with the Station games that Sony marketed themselves, the Matrix Online does not have these problems but it also does not use the launcher at all.

Any other ideas? I would really like to think that this could be automated.

EDIT The path for swg’s exe is ““C:\Program Files\Sony\Station\Launchpad\LaunchPad.exe” /game:starwars”

Another thing to note, CPF considers EQ2.EXE to be the parent and LaunchPad.EXE to be the Application. Now in SWG it sees only LaunchPad.EXE, and in both instances it says that LaunchPad.exe refuses to communicate with CPF, dont know if this bit of info will help anyone to figure this out.

just curious if you are using the CPF or if you have tried to use the BETA?

I have loaded the new BETA and there are some improvements & fixes included in it. Might be worth a try. :slight_smile:

I do indeed have the CPF build, I will try the Beta and see if it helps. I have tried everything I can think of in this version including creating Trusted Application Rules for both the LaunchPad and the two games involved. No luck with that either. I will download and install the Beta this weekend and update this on my findings.

Excellent plan. Hopefully the findings you post are positive.


Excellent call m0ng0d, the Beta version took care of the LaunchPad.EXE problem. Everything works perfect now. Thank you very much for the assistance.

There’s the news we were looking for! ;D