Gaming Issues


This is very strange, with the latest beta installed there are issues with the Mech Warrior 4 Vengeance, and Mercenaries games, they will not even start, however with the current stable version they work fine.

There is a bug in the latest beta which causes system freezing. Does the system freeze and you are forced to restart?

Yes it freezes, after I launch the game, the CPU usage goes to 100% then after I click to do something the system freezes, however I can still use the mouse.

When I come and think about it…I’m getting alot of crashes in games such as Quake 4 and GRAW. Right after the game crashes to the Windows desktop, about 50% of the time I am greeted with a “Submit Comodo Bug Report” dialog…

I am hoping this will be resolved in the next Beta release…

hmmm… I had a BSOD once during shutdown… and a couple times woke up to find my PC had rebooted in the night… all recent phenomenons… wonder if these are related?

If you can send me the memory dumps generated by windows, we can see which driver causes this. I dont think it is CPF though.

I would, but I don’t think it’s going to help, C:\Windows\Memory.dmp is 0 bytes

Just thought I’d chime in regarding memory dumps.

It is my understanding, and correct me if I am wrong, that in order to get a memory dump you have to have a page file on your system partition which is usually the C: drive but doesn’t have to be.

I have mine on another partition and I never get memory dumps. I read that you could create a small page file on the system partition just big enough for the memory dump and keep your main page file on another partition. This way you get the memory dump but still have you main page file on another partition.

I haven’t tried this myself. I want all my page requests going to my other partition not my system partition.

Just thought I mentioned this for those of you that never seem to get memory dumps taken.

If complete memory dump option is selected, windows creates memory.dmp file in system root. If small memory dump is selected, it should create it Minidump directory in system root. Or sometimes, user’s Temp directory.

But the key point is that a page file MUST be present in the system root in order for Windows to take a dump (that doesn’t sound right (:LGH) ). It also has to be big enough to handle the size of the dump, full or mini.

As I said, I have my page file on another partition and no page file in my system root. Therefore I never get a dump.

This was just a heads up.


Hey Streetwolf,

Do a right click on MY COMPUTER and select properties. In the Properties window, select the ADVANCED tab and then click the SETTINGS button under Startup and Recovery. In the Startup and Recovery window, you can manually define where mini dumps, kernel dumps and full dumps get written to.

They don’t have to be written to the “system” volume, you can put them aywhere and they are not dependant upon the presence of a page, or swap, file, AFAIK.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:


Check these out:

You need a page file on the boot volume. I have my minidump going to %Systemroot% but I never get one because my page file is on a different volume.

I wonder if Vista works the same way?