Gaming editions for Internet Security Suites\AVs ( Norton\Bit Defender)

Ok guy’s what do you think about these “Gaming Editions”
^ Bitdefender
^ Norton (Symantec

Tell me your thoughts…
Personaly, Honestly, I think it’s just a marketing ploy.

I think it’s pretty stupid to be honest. I can imagine my self at a store… “Hmmm, Shane (My Friend :)) Should I choose Norton Antivirus Gaming Edition, Or Norton Antivirus?” LOL!


LMAO exactly Josh. If the GE is meant to be faster, why not use those “Tweaks” on the NAV?

You and I have both used NIS, It’s light as it is… And it doesn’t lagg while playing a game cause it doesn’t update while in a fullscreen application.

I really can’t see how it could be any better than the standard NAV…

If Comodo can survive without a gaming edition version, Where Comodo offers 100% free software, Then I think a major company like Norton can who charges 70 bux a year.


Sadly, it is as Kyle suspects: nothing more than a marketing ploy (which works when you consider the target audience). They will sell more copies labeled as ‘Gaming’ than just simple internet security suite (even though both are the same product inside).