Games Whitelisting

Games I play such as Call Of Duty etc. get’s a message when I want play that it’s using TOO MUCH MEMORY.
I added it to the TRUSTED FILE LIST, and it worked…
But still, I want to see a WHITELIST of games. I can help ya’ though. I know alots of games. And Vendors that makes games.

Dobro ide Comodo. :slight_smile:

I agree ! Also i want to see white list of CAD CAM and Designing Software ( the popular ones at least ).

The gamers among us have been asking for this for ages and the response every time is that Comodo will not whitelist games. They won’t even whitelist World of Warcraft or Steam games and that’s ridiculous.

Since games are some sort of security risk maybe there could be a separate list of trusted game vendors.

This would be an opt in option to add them to the list.

Other security vendors have no problems whitelisting popular games, I don’t understand why Comodo does.

from what I know something it coming, please be patient.

Hopefully there will be an option to disable it too?

Armine, this is great idea. Like languy tells, something is coming and there will be option to disable and enable again!

Svaka cast!