Games question,

Hi I’ve a new dell pc and for some reason it will not let me download
a game that my spouse had on old pc, which is now gone, I get
error message saying I don’t have permission or something along
that line…anyone have any suggestion please…
don :frowning:

Are you using Comodo Internet Security?

Can you take a look in the AV logs and D+ logs to see what happens when you download and try to install the program?

Will see if I can find out in those logs thanks…

Cannot see any reference’s in those logs about the games.

Do the logs cover the period the event happened? By default they will show today. You may need to let it sort current week. To change the period push the upward pointing arrow at the bottom of the list and choose current week or a period of several days.

Do you get the error message before the download start, during download, when download finished, when trying to install the game or when launching the game? Screenshots?

Think I have this problem solved…comodo was blocking the loading of
the software so I overrode the thing and have the games now…thanks
for the assistance…don

Was it the AV blocking or the sandbox?

mmmm cannot tell you which it was…I still kinda dummy about these
anti virus programs anyway…but got 'er done !