Games not working

None of my games are working in CIS 4. Is this a known problem that will get fixed?

Let me gues. You’ve started a game and nothing hapened.

You’re not the only one… You can try adding the game’s folder to “my own safe files” list, but for me it doesn’t work. It seems that there are some files that are automatically sandboxed even if you put them in your trusted files. I find that the only solution is disabling the sandbox.

Same here.

That’s why there needs to be an easy option to identify which programs/files are being sandboxed so that you can add the correct files to the safe list. At least I think that this would solve the problem.

Disabling Sandbox didn’t work in all cases. I had to disable D+ permanently. NceroVisioN, Easy CD-DA extractor, Nero StartaSmart 8, all this apps wasn’t working. When I watched task manager, I saw “Suspended” immediately after start.

Yes, but I noticed that some files, autorun.exe for example, are sandboxed by CIS 4, even if I add them to my safe files. As soon as I start a game some files are automatically sandboxed, no matter if just before I have put them to my safe files list.

try configuring sandbox to dont virtualize files neither registry, that way maybe you’ll be able to keep D+

But I disabled Sandbox.

Is it actually possible that this is a problem that is not related to the sandbox?

Just to make sure though. You disabled the sandbox,restarted,and then the problem still existed.

I had some issue with games too, i had to roll back to CIS 3, now it works properly.

SandBox or not, it’s something else in CIS 4.

We can for now set CIS into learning mode (D+ / F) and disable SandBox once an app starts for the first time. It can help in many cases.

But not in this one.

I don’t use Nero but I have a 11 version of CDDA which works for me. I’ve just installed and ripped a audio CD. D+ - Clean PC, F - Safe, SandBox - all on. No learning mode, no training - works fine out of the box. Look at the screen shot.

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v11 is old, I have v12.

Downloaded and installed CDDA Extractor v 12.0.8 trial. Though don’t see any difference.

PS: Ha! But I’ve got an Opera 10.10 stopped working. I’ve put it in the sandbox list ran it once sandboxed and removed. And now it won’t run at all sandboxed or not. I click on an icon and nothing happens. Funny. :smiley:

PSS: Opera 10.50 after the same manipulations works fine.

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So… are the devs doing anything about this? I want to go back to Comodo again, but it’s always been terrible with games.

Yeah, me too.