games (call of duty and call of duty 4)

just recently when i start a game (cod and cod4) i started getting popups saying a tmp file was sandboxed… i click on dont sandbox this application again and right after i can launch the game… however when i attempt to lauch it a 3rd and subsequent times it does not work i get the popup again and again… for COD the file is a tmp file for cod4 the file is a .0001 file… i have created a file group for my games and have firewall rules configured for the group i also added the games group to defense plus for the games group as trusted applications… but that doesnt work either… at this point i have to disable the sandbox to get things to work consitantly/properly…

why did this start happening all of a sudden? and how do i get it to work without disabling the sandbox?

i am using the latest version available. (4.1.150349.920)

any help would be appreciated

I have also added all the files to my safe files but it doesnt work… maybe because they are temp files??

Michael taylor

G’day Micheal,

I’m also a Call of Duty fan ;D see attachment below make sure you have all your exe files of your games are place into My Safe Files and don’t forget to include the Steam.exe as wall, when you add these into my safe files they run outside of sandbox so you shouldn’t :wink: be getting any further problems.

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Thanks for the reply but they are already in my own safe files… the popups i get are for temp files that are created by the cod and cod4 executables… it was working fine at one point… not sure what changed though… i have a file group created with all my game exe’s in it… the only way i can get it to work is by adding the file group in my defense plus policy and use predefined security policy of (installer/updater) if its set to trusted application it still doesnt work…

thanks for the suggestion


The executables need to be made installer/updaters, as I understand it. This makes all the files they create safe files, even ones created on the fly.

Eric Cryptid runs this I think, so you could pm him if you have further issues.

Best wishes


thanks for the input… at this point it is in defense plus rules as installer updater and it does seem to work… i just find it odd that it stopped working the way it was… it was listed as trusted application… and all was working perfectly

Ill leave it as is since it works but these wierd quirks here and there give me pause as to the stability of CIS and so my confidence in it as well…


Micheal I saw your last reply make sure add the all the Call the of Duty executables to Defense+ and make them made installer/updaters see attachment, set your Defense+ to training mode and get your games CD/DVD ready into DVD Rom you might get a few popup by Comodo allow them outside of sandbox.

Play each Call of Duty game in single player mode for a while so Comodo get to know your games settings after that goto My Pending Files and move everything that belongs to the Games only into My Safes Files, and set your Defense+ back to your original mode reboot your PC and play the game again to make sure their are no more popup problems. Let me how you get on :wink:

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The .0001 file is part of an executable, and a new version of it was probably created by a .exe on the fly maybe as part of an update or re-licensing process which did not request ‘unlimited access’ (ie installatiion privs) and so was not detected as an installer by CIS, and that version was opened by the .exe with execution privs. This is malware-like behaviour, so CIS does not ignore it, even if evidenced by a safe file.

Best wishes



thats the way i have it set now and it does work… I did not add rules for all my games seperately though… i created a file group called games and put all game executables in it… i then configured the defense plus rule using the file group games… i had it set to trusted application and it worked fine but then all of a sudden (i dont know what changed) it started with the prompting… … after playing around a bit i noticed it worked fine if i changed from trusted application to updater/installer… i guess ill leave it now since it works i just find it odd…

mouse1… perhaps your right regaring the game updating but i dont recall playing/updating the COD game… i do recall playing the COD4 game however all my patches were applied from the beggining the only thing that was downloaded were maps… (that I recall)

anyway thank you guys for helping… i appreciate it… i will leave it be for now… just find it odd at this point…

Thanks again guys