Gameoverlay.dll virus?!

Okay, the AV has gone nuts most likely through the update released very recently.

It detects gameoverlay.dll as a virus(daisy). Gameoverlay.dll is used by steam ( Obviously something is not right since the file is perfectly fine.

I have moved to the False Positive Board.

Could you please post what gameoverlay.dll was detect as.

You should find it in Antivirus/ View Antivirus Events.

Thank you

Hi huldu,

Thanks for reporting.We will get back to you after analysis.


Also happening to me . . . the virus scaner also detected hl.exe as “daisy-2245@31700727” from TFC and datacache.dll as “daisy-2376@31976256”, also gameoverlayrenderer.dll as “daisy-2378@31976254”.

It stared with gameoverlayrenderer.dll.

Same happened to me. Either something has gotten into the Steam servers or this is false positive. Anywho, i placed the file into the “vault”. Now i can’t open Steam at all. It also found the same virus from the temp folder on C: and at two system info folders on E: (Steam is also located on my E: instead of C. C has a lto less space than E :s)
Anywho, here is what comodo Internet Security has found with D+ on paranoid:

"E:\System Volume Information_restore{8EF7CAA3-03D3-432F-
95E3-397D556B9099}\RP225\A0024699.dl"l = Detected as “daisy-2378@31976254” Satus = Removed
(Detected this 2 times and removed)

“C:\Documents and Setting\Rahka\Local Settings\Temp{D3782066-A541-4F2C-A8F1-5ABC17DB6F09}{9DF0196F-B6B8-4C3A-8790-DE42AA530101}_IsRes.dll” = Detected as “daisy2247@31700714” Status = Removed
(Detected 2 times, Removed only 1 time)

“E:\Steam\GameOverlayRenderer.dll” Detected as “daisy-2378@31976254” Status = “Quarantine”
(Detected 5 times, quarantined successfully.)

A Virus or a false positive? Will Run Malwarebytes, Superanti, Avast! antivir and Ad-Aware just incase and Comodo antivirus check one more time.

OS: Windows XP Home-Edition with SP3 and all possible updates
Comodo Internet security virusscanner: Heuristic check High and background check oslt is realtime, everything checked when used and threats are said to be noticed vefore they can do damage to the system.


Commodo Updated the db this morning. After that we also see the Daisy alert in GameOverlayRenderer.dll when starting Steam.

This is not the first time Commodo can’t see the difference between a virus and a true call.

Seems to be a false alert but typically GameOverlayRenderer.dll is without signatures etc. Shame to the Steam develop team.

Commodo, please put some more tests into your software before releasing your updates. They cause a lot’s of trouble out here.


I’'m also getting this potential false positive in two other files: rserver.exe & radmin.exe (Remote Adminiistrator server & viewer).


We have fixed all mentioned FPs in DB 1773.
Please let us know if those are getting detected again.

-Chandra Mohan