Since you know about GameGuard 114 error (and other ones), i just cut my question to minimum:

is there any chance to put GG on any kind of safe list to finally get rid of problems with this s*t?

Im sick of digging google for solutions, rebooting, killing tasks, reinstalling games, firewalls, uninstalling programs, playing with D+ that does absolutely nothing.

Ah, and another question - when can we expect new free Comodo Firewall?

Thank you in advance.

I tried everything, there is no fix or workaround. You can play games with Gameguard only if you uninstall Comodo.

Im not asking for any workaround… and i dont think that youre from Comodo.

What i want is answer from software engineer, developer or any person that works there and can answer (since INCA NProtect guys cant use english, are too lazy for replying mails).

If you read this post by egemen (Staff) I know it was some time ago but I believe the answer still holds true.

Er, seems thats not answer for my question - i have problems with GG when D+ is TURNED OFF.

I am having the same problem as well, the only thing I can do is uninstall the Firewall but I dont want to do that. Also I did everything I could to make it work and nothing will. I really want to play the game as well, so are there any other solutions?

Firewall won’t have any problem with (Stupid) Game Guard.
Game Guard always have problem with OS and didn’t make any safe computing and safe game environment anymore.

when i updated to the newest version of comodo, i tried to launch aion and when gameguard loaded i got the blue screen crash and system restarts. I turn off defense+ and restart pc,tried to launch the game same thing happened. I had to system restore back to the previous version of comodo turn off defense+ and the game works. So i cant use the new update if i want to play.

Seems that its Comodo problem, because i was trying running games with ZoneAlarm and all runs smoothly (with Game Mode on). After all i cant use ZA, because it magically hangs every app that needs network connection.

Anyway, i just installed two days ago Vista Service Pack 2 from Microsoft Download Center (because WU didnt find it) and GameGuard error 114 vanished, but now i have different problem - beside Shaiya Online, other games causes BSOD with 0x000000F4 code.

Im not so nerdy to discover what causes all this problems, but i think thats still Comodo and GameGuard conflict.

Or that just INCA NProtect developers retardness - which is extremely most possible :stuck_out_tongue: /joke


Oh i just recall, that ive send email to Comodo and they said:

“The issue has been forwarded to our developers and get back to you shortly.” ([at] 2009-06-23 02:22)

And i still didnt get reply from them

Egemen did answer your question in that thread. The problem is how GameGuard hooks into things to do what it wants, which may cause system instability for some. It is not Comodo’s problem. You need to decide do you want a secure system, or an expensive game console that may become infected/crash?


unistall comodo, restart.
install comodo, and when it ask for the firewall, check “install firewall only”, restart.

Try again, and have fun (work with Aion)

I did that and it didn’t work. I had to quit using Comodo, it was too heavy also. I hope I can come back some day.

I am not sure what the problem is here. I use comodo with D+ and it works fine.

Gameguard runs through your WHOLE system to check to make sure you arent using anything to alter gameplay. These are the thing it does.

Malicious code diagnosis and blocking

Blocks Auto-mouse and Macro program

Blocks access and manipulation attempts to the game client

Self protection of security module

Detects Speed hack

Optimized CPU occupancy rate

It is gonna go through your system(the whole thing) to make sure you arent doing anything to cheat in game and stop it if you are. So if you aren’t running any cheating software you don’t have anything to worry about.

This computer is used to play Rappelz(great game) and these are the things that comodo shows for the Gala-net program folder.

I set these to trusted
C:\Program Files\GALA-NET\Rappelz\Launcher.exe
C:\Program Files\GALA-NET\Rappelz\SFrame.exe

I just accepted these and left them custom
C:\Program Files\GALA-NET\Rappelz\Gameguard.des
C:\Program Files\GALA-NET\Rappelz\GameMon.des

It a legit program and the company has been around for years.

These are games that run it currently.

* 9Dragons (revision 1057)
* Aion: The Tower of Eternity
* Albatross18
* Asda Story
* BOTS (revision 1057)
* Cabal Online (Some other versions use XTrap)
* Cal Ripken's Real Baseball
* Club Audition
* Counter-Strike Online
* Cross Fire
* Cronous
* Jin online
* Dance! Online
* Dark Arena
* Mosiang Online
* Darkeden
* Dekaron (2Moons)
* Digimon RPG
* Dragonica
* Drift City (revision 1205)
* Dungeon & Fighter
* Exteel
* FlyFF[10] (EU: revision 1335)
* Gersang
* Grand Chase
* GunBound
      o GIS (revision 1292) [10]
      o Europe (GOA, revision 1204)
* Gunster
* GunZ: The Duel (Some versions are with XTrap)
* Heat Project
* Huxley
* Hyper Relay
* LaTale (Beta)
* Legend of Mir 3
* Lineage II[10]
* Lunia
* Luna Online
* Mabinogi (switched to Hackshield in later releases)
* MapleStory (switched to Hackshield in later releases)
* MLB Dugout Heroes
* Monster Hunter Frontier
* Mu Online
* Navy Field
* Nostale
* OZ World
* Pangya
* Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (PSOBB)[10]
* Phantasy Star Universe (PSU)
* Priston Tale[10] (English version is running X-Trap)
* Priston Tale 2
* Project Torque
* Ragnarok Online (bRO: revision 1059)
* Rakion (revision 1140)
* Rappelz (All Regions)
* Ran Online
* Return of the warrior
* Rohan Online
* ROSE Online (revision 1127)
* SD Gundam Capsule Fighter
* Seal Online[10]
* Shaiya
* Shot Online
* Street Gears
* Soldier Front
* Special Force Philippines
* Sudden Attack
* TalesRunner
* The Chronicles of Spellborn
* Trickster
* Twelve Sky
* WolfTeam (revision 1226)
* Wonderking Online
* Xiah online
* Ys Online

Just to let ya know I use Comodo D+, Avira Antivir, Malwarebytes Anti-malware and Superantispyware. I have run all 3 of those programs I listed and it has never detected ANYTHING when scanning.

What version of Gameguard are you using, triplex? As I understand there may be differences between versions.

I have no idea honestly. It came inside the download for the game.

If you send them an email I am sure they can give you the answer I can not.

You guys might wanna check this out:

This is the second time I’m posting about this. It inject all processes in your compy. But luckily, CIS prevent it from happening(If you don’t have COMODO yet, try installing ProcessGuard, it can’t prevent this from happening too).

I actually typed out everything the game did that showed in the Comodo D+ alerts (D+ is in safe mode when these happen)

Launcher.exe access protected com interface Shell.Explorer.2
Launcher.exe access DNS\RPC client service connect to internet
Launcher.exe access mdm.exe in memory
Launcher.exe access explorer.exe in memory

Start screen for game then pops up (gives game updates if needed, mine did not)
I hit start

Launcher.exe execute SFrame.exe

Sframe.exe executing Gameguard.des

Gameguard splash screen comes up on my screen

Gameguard.des connect to net

Gameguard.des obtain elevated privileges (debug privilege)

Gameguard.exe modify C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Gameguard.exe access DNS/RPC Client Sevice
Gamemon.des obtain elevated privilege[debug]
GameMon.des access SFrame.exe in memory
Gamemon.des access explorer.exe
Gamemon.exe modifys below
modify SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Sevices\dump_wmimmc
modify SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Sevices\dump_wmimmc\DisplayName
modify SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Sevices\dump_wmimmc\ErrorControl
modify SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Sevices\dump_wmimmc\ImagePath
modify SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Sevices\dump_wmimmc\Start
modify SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Sevices\dump_wmimmc\Type

gamemon.des create a new file/folder C:\Program Files\GALA-NET]Rappelz]GameGuard\dump_wmimmc.sys
gamemon.exe load the device driver dump_wmimmc.sys
gamemon.des create a new file/folder C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\dump_wmimmc.sys

Sframe.exe obtain elevated privlege {shutdown}
Sframe.exe access protect com interface {bunch of letters and numbers}
Sframe.exe access svchost.exe in memory
Sframe.exe access keyboard directly
Gamemon.des access wmiprvse.exe in memory
Gamemon.des access avwsc.exe in memory
Gamemon.exe access taskmgr.exe in memory (I opened task manager)
connect to net
Sframe.exe access protected COM interface Shell.Explorer.2
Sframe.exe access DNS/RPC Client service
Sframe.exe access mdm.exe in memory
Sframe.exe access explorer.exe

I logged in already a little while ago, now server choice for game

It never connected to server, this is due to comodo however on many types of games not just gameguard games. If I am not mistaken the D+ needs to be set a certain way or it can block changing of game servers.

Also I ran msconfig and monitored gameguard it is active only when playing the game. Did not show active when game was not running.

I tested out something and removed all rules I put in the D+ concerning gameguard and the game itself.
I then disabled D+ and started the game and it starts up without any problem whats so ever and no alerts

Great its a rootkit and a virus :), would hate to have that AntiCheat on my system.

Hundreds of thousands of players use them everyday. Prime example World of Warcraft. They have a Warden does the same thing as Gameguard