GameGuard protected internet games

Anyone have any experience with CPF and GameGuard protected internet games?

I’ve answered the Application popups while trying to load RYL2 but never get past a black screen. I’m assuming that GameGuard is the issue as other internet games that don’t use it work flawlessly.

Does GG need a port opened?

Ok, seems part of my problem was patience…

GameGuard ran and spawned GameMon, then Client.exe (RYL2 client) loaded… after about 30 seconds or more client.exe asked for internet access and the game loaded.

I guess my question is changing to… “how can I speed these games loading?” would “skip advanced security checks” help?

Need help guys.

My gameguard now has errors because of comodo can anyone help?

I am also having the same problem with it because of comodo pf.

This could be a good side for hackers because even though gameguard fails it still lets you log into the game which is unusual compared to it actually not wokring by itself which blocks you from accessing the game.

I play Flyff And Bots And Both Gameguard fails but still allows access so its annoying that it comes up everytime but atleast it cant kick you out.

This also proves comodo catches everything even if gameguard is accessing your computer from the outside and not alerting the user.

ooooh, another flyff player… might be the beginning of the Comodo guild here (:WIN)

that would be cool a comodo guild!

wats ur ingame name im MonkMagician and lvl 31

part of Apocalypse guild

I have characters on the original server, but recently started characters on the Mai server… you on Mai?

i use mushpoie

Even with the error will the game function properly?

For me it does