Gameguard + Comodo = Computer reboot

Whenever I try to run a game with gameguard, my computer restarts due to conflicts between gameguard and comodo. I also noticed that if I turn of Defense+ and play the game, it works normally. But, I cannot play gameguard enabled games with Defense+ on. Any ideas on what I have to setup, or is this a bug? Please help. I feel my computer is insecure without Defense+ on.

I am a gamer so read my sticky. You can also manually add the games exe files to D+ and the firewall which is what I do. I just installed Trackmania Nations Forever and all I did was add the 2 files it needs to connect and play.

Hi raazman

There’s a bigger topic on this issue, with posts from CFPs Devs on page 2, here.

I tried puttin defense and firewall in training mode, and ran the game, but that did not work either.
which files do u add to defense? I have to add the gameguard files, but which ones, and where to?

You must be on Vista. I hate Vista for gaming. I bought a new Dell WOW Editon Laptop na dhad XP installed purposly. Can you disable that game guard? To manually add you files just open up D+ and click add. The browse to where the game is installed. I am finding alot of articles of gamegaurd errors. I think there is a patch.

actually I’m on xp home sp2. srry for not being descriptive. And gameguard is the anti-hack measure used by many online games. I need this program (started by the game itself) to play.

Hi raazman & Vettetech

The most recent release of CFP introduced added rootkit protection in Defense+. Unfortunately, it seems that GameGuard does not like it (reason & details in the previous URL I posted). Currently the only work-around is to permanently disable Defense+, otherwise a BSOD on launching a game with nProtect GameGuard is the likely result.

i was afraid tht was the only solution for right now. well I hope that this conflict could be fixed in the future, other than that, Comodo is great.

I play tons of games and all of them use Punkbusters. All I did was add Punkbusters A and B to the firewall and D+. Try doing the with Gamegaurd. I play WOW,COD4,BF2,BF2142,TF2,HL2,C & C3,Q4,QWARS,NFSMW,TRACKMANIA NATIONS,U2K,Sins Of A Solor Empire. All of those dont use Gamegaurd. BTW the new Nvidia 174.93 drivers are out and they crank.

Punkbuster works fine with Comodo, so far. Its just a problem with Gameguard.

hi, i just had a restart after trying to start albatros18 and found this thread. are these restarts damaging to hard drives or do they close the system properly? i have 2 raptorsin raid and have never had a security program or any program for that matter close my pc down. should i run chkdsk or will things be ok?

I’m having the same problem. I also play a game which requires GameGuard called “Project Torque”. Is there a fix going to be created for compatibility with GameGuard? I can see why it’s a security risk, especially because it exhibits rootkit-like behavior.

If I choose the option “Disable Defense+ permanently”, can I re-enable it at a later time?

You can always re enable D+. Just do the opposite of disabling it.

I have the same problem…
Windows XP SP3.
I hope they fix that soon like they fixed the BSOD issue.
EDIT: I sent an email to INCA Internet, the makers of Gameguard, but I doubt they’ll answer. They never do.

Hello there!

In the release notes of your current release “Version : 22nd May, 2008” there is this statement:
FIXED! COMODO Firewall can cause BSODs when gameprotect rootkit triggers its self defense

I would like to update that although there is no blue screen, the computer still reboots, unless I disable the Defense+. So I do not think this is fixed completely.

Please look into this and hopefully the next release will fix the problem entirely. Thanks.

Do a complete uninstall then reinstall the new version…


I did that already. The reboot still occurs.

I got the same thing once GameGuard loaded with Defense+ on… (today)it just rebooted no error message or BSOD. Only solution was to disable Defense+

Edit: This is happening on the newest CFP release.

Well, at least the FIX note was honest. It said it had fixed the “BSODs”… didn’t say anything about the reboots. ;D