Game steam (counter strike) and their rules

Hi, i try to play to steam (counter strike) and i have open the port necessary.This port :

My rules are: tcp , in , any , any or hostname, any , 27020-27050
udp , in , any , any , any , 27000-27015
udp , in , any, any , any, 1200

I probe with udp out, because in emule the udp i have it in out (in emule the udp IN, no work),although i dont understand this .
I hope any reply, i want play with comodo working (i am spanish, sorry for my english)

Go to Activity → Logs. Change the option called “Today” to “Last 30 days” and then right click anywhere in the listing and choose “Export HTML”. Give it a name and then save the file somewhere. Next, open it and look for anything related to Steam which is being blocked and create a rule to allow that connection.

Thakns zito, i did this, and i dont find anything about steam ,only : upnp 5000 deny, risk medium ; ICMP ECHO REQUEST deny and medium ; UDP IN bootp (67) dhcp (68) , this only one.
I only think that the port upnp 5000 is necessary to play to counter strike
Any idea??