Game site Bug?

Okay i installed CD again today and i went to this game site…

I saw that a thread i hat made hat new posts, but when i tried to answer the posts the site kept telling me to write something in the reply comment. Even though i hat quoted posts and typed a message? I tried it a few times but the result was always the same. I then tried it in Yandex Browser and i could immediatly post the message i wanted, so there is either something in CD that causes this…or i am doing something wrong. ( But since i posted this new thread, i seem to know how to do that. :smiley: )

Never mind every one, i found the problem. I made a mistake in the settings, i hat "
Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header)" activated. After i disabled it i could post again on that game forum. :slight_smile: