Game on Facebook Can't Access

I play Word Buddies on Facebook and can bring up the game, but I can’t get into it. I get message that I have to sign in with Facebook to play, but I’m already signed in & when I click on that link nothing happens. This only happens when using Comodo. I have no trouble getting in on Chrome, Firefox or IE. The new update to Chrome made the game wonky & I was advised by a friend to use Comodo. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

By Comodo do you mean Comodo Dragon or Comodo Ice Dragon or perhaps something else? Comodo is a company with many products.

Most likely caused by Privdog.

Like morphiusz said it might be PrivDog causing you problems or otherwise any other extensions, try disabling all extensions and see if that fixes it, if it does then you know it’s an extension and possibly PrivDog, but if that doesn’t fix it and if you are using Comodo Dragon and have “Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header)” enabled that could also cause similar issues.

Yes, I’m using Comodo Dragon, sorry wasn’t specific

Thanks so much for the quick help. It was PrivDog. Game is up & running now.