Game-Modus brings what??

i tested now pretty often to switch between normal mode and game-mode

but i couldnt find any differences in activating it instead of having usage about 400Ks more of processor-usage instead of lowering it.

and even worse: when a program wants to get access there wont appear a message to block or allow, the program is just ALLOWED instead of BLOCKED!

cant be the sense of a fw and especially a GAMING- mode to allow other programs to get inet-access while im gaming!

can ANYONE say what the very intention of this gaming-mode originally is?

im really disappointed by this unlucky try as an option for gamers, thought i could spare some ress more, but to the contrary…

so with my tested state of knowledge i wont us it ever!

From the online help:

Game Mode – Switches CIS 2011 to Game Mode to enable you to play your games without any interruptions from various alerts in your computer. The operations that can interfere with users’ gaming experience are either suppressed or postponed.

In game mode:

Defense+/Firewall alerts are suppressed as if they are in training mode;

AV database updates and scheduled scans are postponed until the gaming is over;

Automatic isolation of unknown applications and real-time virus detection are still functional.

Deactivate Game Mode to resume alerts and scheduled scans.

Src: Comodo Help