Game Mode

I’m offering this as help for other users and I hope it can be eventually indexed by search engines.

First of all I’d like to say Thank You to COMODO for solving a vexing internet problem. I had been using PC Tools Firewall for years due to its easier interaction with full screen PC Games. While it is a highly rated firewall, I had noticed that I was getting stalled downloads, which especially affected YouTube. Videos would stop inexplicably after about a minute. Also if I tried to download them with a downloader, the download would stall indefinitely. This could be cured by pausing the download and then immediately resuming it. Unfortunately this method of pausing and resuming does not work with all sites, especially file sharing sites with free and paid memberships.

My first clue was that I was able to

  1. Boot into Ubuntu Linux (from CD) and download files with no issues
  2. Watch YouTube videos on an i Pad with no issues from the same ip via wireless router.

So it was either Windows or the software. I got no clear answers from web searches at first. To make a long story short, I found it could be either viruses or security software. For me, the security software was a more likely answer. I found that if I disabled PCTools firewall and enabled Windows Firewall the problems went away.

So I installed Comodo and got rid of PC Tools firewall. Downloads and YouTube now work flawlessly. The only negative I’ve ever had with Comodo has been the interaction with full screen games. On several occasions I’ve tried to run a game and found my computer locked up with a black screen. On several occasions in the past this has led me to uninstall Comodo.

Here’s the solution

  1. Disconnect the internet, either by pulling out the internet cable or through software by clicking on Network and Sharing Center–Change Adapter settings. Select your adapter and right click it and select Disable. The reason for this is that the next step–Training Mode, leaves you a bit vulnerable to internet attacks.
  2. On the Summary Page for Comodo Firewall, click on your mode setting. If you’re a home user it should be Safe Mode. Click it and reset the security to Training Mode.
  3. Launch your game and go through enough steps to be sure it loads correctly. Exit your game.
  4. Re-enable Safe Mode for Comodo.
  5. Re-connect the internet. (reverse what you did in step 1–either plug the cable back in or re-enable the internet through software.
  6. Relaunch your game to verify everything works correctly. You might get something like a stalled loading or something like that–but if you do, you should also get the alert from Comodo asking you to allow something.

After all that everything should work. Youwill need to do this with each and every game you play in full screen mode. If you play a game in windowed mode that will probably not be a problem.