Game Mode - Make it obvious it is on

My Comodo spends 90% of its time in Game Mode because I turn it on to play a game then forget about it. I have no way of knowing what mode it is in unless I right click on the icon to check.

Can you make the icon blink or leave a box on the screen to be seen when I leave the game or something else? I am wasting Comodos capabilities if I spend 90% of my time in Game Mode.

Something that reminds me next time I log on will not work as I hibernate most of the time.

If I recall correctly the Comodo desktop widget tells you that you are in the game mode?

Also from my experience game mode don’t do much… I have the same performance in the game with it on or off…

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Well version 6 change the tray color into blue when you activate the game mode, so no need to right click on tray to see if the game mode is activated. So my advice: update your Comodo. Even version 5.12 (if I remember better)has this “little feature”(changing the tray color when game mode is activated). So your wish is already implemented.

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Agree with Seany007, game mode doesn’t bring any performance improvement, only suppress the alerts.

I am using version 5.12 and all I ever see is a red shield on the bottom bar and I see nothing in the settings relating to changing its colour.

Ok my mistake, then you should update to last version 6.1, or wait till next release is out.

A: Upgrade to version 6
B: Don’t use Game Mode (I see no point in it/only reduced security my personal view on it). I never got a single alert when playing many different games anyway in a normal mode and as I said before the performance is the same.

The Game Mode only helps if you get a CAV update while you’re playing. Especially if you’re in a game like World of Warcraft where bandwidth and latency are crucial. Having said that, I don’t use the Game Mode because of the way it changes your security settings. If I remember to, I will turn off auto-updates before playing and then back on afterwards. I wouldn’t have to do that though if the Game Mode was actually useable.

Good point here, I hope that Comodo will listen our wishes. And as Seany007 said, game mode isn’t the safest way, when you play/full screen, if is entering in Safe mode (learning).

A crucial thing about a function lika this would, in my opinion, be that it resetts after reboot.
Can´t understand why it´s still on after rebooting?
Easier to activate again rather than remembering to deactivate it!

In v5, activating “Game Mode” put the firewall into “Training mode” to supress alerts which I still consider goes against everything the user expects. Is this different now in v6, i.e. are just the alerts suppressed without creating new rules?

It does the same thing in v6