Game mode (-> internet acces) / looking for "Quiet mode" (-> ignore all popups)

I read that game mode suppresses annoying popups that might occur during gaming.
I found that this is true, but that also the firewall does not block internet access any more (not only the game but also other processes).
Is this intentionally? This seems to be a security hole to me.

I am looking for a mode that does not interfere gaming but that also does not allow internet access.
Let’s say it another way:
I am looking for a mode that suppresses all popups and handles (and does nothing else).

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One man’s convenience is other man’s security hole…:wink:

I am looking for a mode that does not interfere gaming but that also does not allow internet access. Let's say it another way: I am looking for a mode that suppresses all popups and handles (and does nothing else).

Best regards

Best alternative is to set Defense + to Training Mode before starting a game. Play for a couple of minutes and close the game. Now D+ will have learned what it needed to learn. Then set D+ back to it’s previous mode. Now you should be able to play the game without getting bothered again.

That’s what I thought! So that’s, how a hacker could tell that I was playing a game (it wasn’t even an online game), but he couldn’t detect anything else, I hope, when I wasn’t playing/GM was not on.
Game Mode must be removed from CIS!

And do something with that annoying “I want attention all the time, when I’m updating CIS!” CIS updater! I’ve had it, with it destroying my full screen apps every ■■■■ time it needs to do a 2 second job. Why does it have to eff with full screen apps at all? >:(

Seriously, CIS’s Game Mode = invitation for the noobiest hackers in the world to come in and have fun with your PC!
Who ever likes playing games, never turn Game Mode on! NEVER! :-TD >:(

I never used that game mode. I never get annoyed by comodo in games.
Its all a question of settings.
Close, secure, quiet :slight_smile:


the game mode is still the same secuity hole in version 6.0.260739.2674.

But there is now a feature called “Do NOT show popup alerts”. Unfortunately you have to click

  • 2x for opening Window
  • 1x for tasks
  • 1x for firewall
  • 1x for Open advanced settings
  • 1x to activate “Do Nt show popup alerts”
  • 2x to select “Block Requests”
    That is, you have to click 8 times to turn it off (and 6 times to re-enable). Would be nice if that could be handled similarily simple like game mode (and remove the “old” game mode…)

Best regads, L.

With a default installation CIS would have enabled “Do Not show alerts that request security decisions as much as possible”. You must have disabled it during installation giving yourself this homework.

This homework can be made less by putting shortcuts to the advanced settings of Firewall, D+ and AV in the main screens as described in Getting buttons in CIS main screen for often used (advanced) settings menus.

What do you mean with security hole with Game Mode? This is what Game Mode does according to the online Help:

Game Mode - Switches CIS 2013 to Game Mode to enable you to play your games without any interruptions from various alerts in your computer. The operations that can interfere with users’ gaming experience are either suppressed or postponed.

In game mode:
Defense+/Firewall alerts are suppressed.
AV database updates and scheduled scans are postponed until the gaming is over;
Automatic isolation of unknown applications and real-time virus detection are still functional.

There is currently a topic about this alleged security hole in CIS 5.12 HUGE security blunder?. Please read this and take notice of the arguments made by HeffeD and yours truly.

It can be a problem when the sandbox is disabled,
or when the firewall would be set on traingsmode too!

IF there is a game mode button to press… Why should trainings mode get enabled?
People expect a prominent button to turn something on, then off again. A mode. Temporary.
When instead traingsmode (permanent allow blue print for anything happening [firewall too???]) is enabled, it is misleading.
And trainingsmode is unsafe. Especially for firewall. And especially when it is unexpected!

About “notifications” of update…
ALLWAYS make the setting for a program that you use. I make it one time, and i dont need game mode or alert surpressing…
I need usually two clicks (defense+ and/or firewall) to get a new program running forever.

Because there were a lot of people complaining about parts of their games getting blocked. This way people who don’t understand how to create their own rules can have CIS do the tricky stuff for them.;msg646201#msg646201