Game mode: Can it be made automatic for a program?

I can manually right-click on the CIS tray icon to enable and disable game mode. One, that means I remember to do this before loading the game. Two, I have to remember to undo this after exiting the game. If I forget beforehand, the game is jittery at times which means I have to exit, go into game mode, and restart the game. If I forget it after exiting the game, I’ll be in game mode for a long time which means no alerts.

While there is a Trusted Programs list, I don’t see a Game Programs list that would enable/disable game mode for a particular program. If there were a CLI (command-line interface) to CIS then I could write a .bat file that went into game mode, ran the game, and then exited game mode when the game was exited. I doubt there is such a CLI easily accessible via batch commands. Besides, that means malware could do the same thing whereas a list of executable for game programs saved in a whitelist that was hashed in the registry would prevent tampering or insertion of other processes, like malware adding itself to a games mode list.

Would adding the game’s executables to the Trusted Programs list effect the same as Game Mode?

Sorry to revive and old post - But I wish to see this feature as well. I had forgotten to undo game mode and my DB was like 2 weeks out of date. I have 1 main PC that runs as a seller/shop in 9Dragons pretty much 24/7 and I keep Game mode on while its running my shop!

Normally I just reboot the machine and right back in game. Like to have a way to activate and deactivate Game mode on opening and closing of and game I set in a profile for gaming!

This would be a great feature that I have yet to see on any AV type program!

TY and once again - Sorry for reviving and old post!

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