Game MMO Denail

I have the game program and the launcher program set to trusted and allow all. I have no block for the IP that they use for their website or any of the steps getting there. Everything is running fine. Then suddenly I cannot get to the website, or refresh the page. My connection to the internet is fine and all other websites load quickly and without problem, but I cannot even refresh the page ( I was on previously. If I turn off CIS and the website appears, instead of getting the message to check my connection to the internet. I am online playing (SWTOR) and suddenly I am disconnected, and cannot connect to the server list. I shutdown (CIS on Win7x64 Home Premium SP-1), and can connect easily. I start the game and then restart CIS. Shortly after that I am disconnected. I shut down everything and restart my computer. The problem seems to have disappeared… until hours or a day later when it begins again.

I don’t know if it is a bug, or a corrupt CIS, or commonly occurring on other computers. Everything was normal until a few weeks back when it happened for the first time. I cannot recall if there was a recent update of the program. About the only thing I can think of doing is re-installing CIS, but I doubt if that will really do any good, a corrupt program would always be corrupt.