game for windows live open nat

i just installed a game that required me to use gfwl and when i look in the gfwl menu it say open nat but it sould say restricted since i block all incoming in my global rule and for gfwl is it normal or is the firewall allowing incoming when it should not.

or is it because the connexion as not ended and as long as it not ended it going to alow connexion and say open nat?

(sorry for my bad english)

Can you show a screenshot of Global Rules. Can you post the rule you made for gfwl?

global rule i did the stealth port and added block for netbios and upnp
and for gfwl i did block all incoming allow all out.
and also when i finish playing and gfwl stop i get 10-15 incoming blocked from on port 3074 so that the normal port for xbox live and gfwl.
i tried with and without router (note that port 3074 is open on the router for my xbox 360) and its the same

Incoming traffic will first see Global Rules and then the Application Rules.

Assuming you set up the Global Rules set up as required you also need to make an application rule for gfwl to allow for incoming traffic on required ports.

Do you think you handle that or do you need more detailed instructions?

i think i did not explain it well.
what i wanted to say its that gfwl already think i have open nat but with my firewall rule it should say close or restricted.
sorry if you did not understand me english is not my first language.

what i want to know is how to close my nat or is it impossible unless i block the port 3074 on the router?

what im concerned about is that the firewall let incoming connextion when it should block it

Sorry for misunderstanding and jumping to conclusions.

When the CIS logs show the traffic gets blocked then it is doing what is supposed to do. It is not letting the traffic in.

its normal that gfwl say its open nat ? or i am not understanding what open nat mean,
what i was thinking is that i had to add a rule for incoming traffic for it to show open nat.
or its going to show open nat as long as the connextion in comodo is not closed?

Out of interest, when the connection is dropped and you see the blocks from are they against Windows Operating System? I’m just wondering if these connections are stateful…

Unfortunately, Games for Windows Live are not available where I live, so I can’t test :frowning:

yes its Windows Operating System .

That means that no application is listening. CIS will then log that WOS blocked the incoming traffic. That means that gfwl is erroneously reporting open NAT.

ok thanks EricJH and Radaghast .
from what i read online gfwl is full of glich so must be one of them.