Game can't connect to Internet servers

I have the game Brink installed via the Steam service. I have it set as a trusted application, and it worked initially and the server browser would show a list of Internet servers to connect to. Then it stopped working for some reason. I checked the network security policy entry for it, and it was still set as a trusted application. I don’t understand why it can’t connect to anything now. Anyone have any ideas? (security policy screenshot attached)

[attachment deleted by admin]

first look in the logs of firewall AND defense+ after you tried to play the game. mostly you find the answer there. steam is a bit tricky, but when you made it once, it should work for most steam games the same.

btw, usually games need no ingoing rules. so i would suggest to use outgoing only instead of trusted.

i would have written a too long text with all possible explainations. and only a few would be valid for your case in the end. thats why i spoke about the logs first. its never wrong to ask!

Is the game on an external hard drive and not on an internal hard drive?