Game app trying to access cfp.exe memory? hack attempt?

Arma2OA.exe is registered for trying to access cfp.exe more than 300 times today. Is this normal in game?

What had me worried that the game requires the player to play it under admin rights.

Yesterday CIS log registered the game trying to access all the running app like messenger and all that was running when I was playing.

Can anybody offer an insight?

Much appreciated.

I don’t have the game, but if you have the legal version of it then it should be alright. Maybe the game is just trying to find cheat programs.

Hi, this is just a guess but…
Does this game have a feature that is some sort of automatic Memory Management or RAM Cleaner or whatever they name it ? This feature would be designed to give you as much Memory as possible while playing the game.
Since games usually need as much Memory as they can get, it might have been checking all that was running to see if there was any ‘spare’ (not needed) memory that could be released.

I just thought of this because I had a similar (but not as many) experience with CleanMem (memory management software) tryng to access cfp.exe
You can read about it in this thread

All the best, woz of oz

Thanks for the replies guys but I think nime is right that t6he game does come with an anti cheat system. I guess I was being too scared seeing how CIS detected hundreds of accessing other app memory attempts by it.

CIS is detecting it and with cmdagent.exe still running that means it is doing its job. Keeping a vigilant eye while protecting its self.

When it does not interfere with performance or functioning of programs there is no direct need for action.