gaining usb stick partial folder privacy, "transparent mode"

One of my usb sticks is 4GB, FAT32, without any u3 or protection software, the goal is to make it travel to some of my co-workers, on their own computers, where they are supposed to access some of the files or folders and not some other folders (i said folders, not files), and where no one shall have to unzip or load a proprietary format to be able to read the folders, and myself having only to enter the appropriate folder password when needed.

My own computer is running XP pro sp3, FAT32.

I have found so far no easy (and preferably freeware) way to do the task.

-Microsoft Private Folder does not, as far as i know, adress mobile devices
-NTFS crypting is not pertinent speaking of usb sticks
-Unless you know some other software, no password zip software (except Zip Magic, if i could avoid to buy licenses only for that) leaves the zip folders to be transparently explored AND used (both xp default zip and 7-zip allow exploration and reading of some formats, but not whatever treatment except extract).
-Penprotect looks nice, but does not seem to be enough for the 4GB space
-Rohos is maybe an alternative idea, but i couldn’t find the procedure for setting crypting ability for the whole space, and then select what folders i want to be crypted.

Your suggestions are welcomed, thank you.

folders (i said folders, not files), and where no one shall have to unzip or load a proprietary format to be able to read the folders,
Sounds like your trying to bypass restrictions at the work computer, but I'll assume your allowed to do so and help figure what you can do with-in your limits

Why don’t you create a self-extracting folder and put a password on it,

Benefits: No software needed to bring to work

example of it using winzip

a quote from another site

How To Create a Self-Extracting Zip File

I myself only know how to do this with WinZip available from You need not have a head like Einstein for this.

  1. Ensure you have WinZip Installed on your system.

  2. Right mouse click on the zip file you would like to create a self-extractor for.

  3. From the WinZip Menu, select “Create Self-Extractor (Exe)”.

  4. A Window will appear. Click OK and WinZip will create a self-extractor in a couple of seconds.

You can also select a default “unzip to” folder if you wish. If you leave this option blank, the self-extractor will unzip to a temp folder.

P.S. If it a game and it’s your trying to play it at workk, you’ll have to create a portable version of that of the game, THEN create a self-extractor file

I am not trying to cheat anything or to play anything: i am the owner and administrator of the computer, and the files to transfer onto the usb stick are created by myself, but they are of course to be used by others on their own computers if i allow them to do so.

As i said, zip extracting is not a good idea (excepting zip magic), precisely because you need to extract, and have no “transparent” access to the files after entering the password if needed.

I found a working solution with Folder Lock, allowing me to make several folders, each with its own password or none.