G Data Anti Virus 100% detection?

Found this while looking for a new Anti virus

Go safe. Go safer. G DATA.

The anti-virus king continues to expand its number
one position: G DATA AntiVirus 2008 (formerly
AntiVirusKit) offers even more thorough virus detection
for the best possible protection for your computer.

Complete PC performance with 100% protection!

Award-winning virus detection improved yet again

Best protection against unknown viruses

Quickest reaction to new virus attacks

Noticeably less system load

Virus scan like a screen saver: Virus scan starts during

pauses, and pauses when you need your computer.

100% protection? is it even possible?

Nope it isn’t

But they all say that they’re 100% the best when you see around :slight_smile: even Comodo does ;).
So don’t worry, G Data isn’t bad if you see AVcomparatives but a 100% safe security tool doesn’t existe (yet)

Hope I could clear it a bit up

100% protection, is (at least for now) completely impossible, and will probably be in the future too.
Large amounts of viruses are created each day, and it’s impossible for any AV company to detect all of them.
But you rather download/buy the one that says “X detects 100% of all viruses” than “Y detects 90% of alll viruses”.
While Y is true, people choose X because it “provides better protection”.
This is used in all kind of ads to gain costumers, tho you’re really not allowed to lie, so it’s actually against the law to write it offers 100% protection when it’s not true(at least where I live, don’t know about other countries).

Actually, I’d say HIPS is the best protections for unknown viruses, not an antivirus program.


Ah, Thanks everyone :slight_smile: I knew there wasnt any way possible to be 100% protected. Though if you stay with Comodo products you’ll get close to it. ;D

and may i ask you, what happen to your avast? not good enough?

Haha well, I belive it’s going down hill :frowning: I mean look at this http://www.av-comparatives.org/seiten/ergebnisse_2007_08.php Avira has a 99.45% Detection rate! Avast only has 95.24 and well that 4% difference could save me from reformatting :stuck_out_tongue: So I’m gonna try out Avira Anti Virus anyone have any suggestions about it? or any info to help me out? Would be greatly appreciated ;D

If you want help you should start a new topic in the anti-virus anti-spyware category.
But to answer to your desperate call (:TNG) hehe, I would sujest you use the advanced mode, set heuristic on high and detection on rootkits on :). That should do it .

Hope i could help you a bit

I have been using the Free version of Avira since the end of Spring. The main difference between the free and the paid version is the anti spyware protection is not included.

             The biggest negative is after an automatic update a LARGE ad popup wanting you update to the paid version, which you need to manually close.  Manual updates do not show this pop up.  I am willing to live with for now until CAV's  scores high in the anti spyware  testing.

             Also for some, the selection of words have a meaning.  For example with Norton when a warning pop up occurs, and with many others you see the term delete or quarantine,  but with Avira

the term “Block” appears then quarantine and delete.


I don’t really want to repeat myself on this topic, but it’s soooooooooooo easy to let Avira not have this POPUPs during updating by simply NOT allowing the popup by any HIPS.

sorry for repeating myself…


maybe i’ll go get avira sooner then.
[toRebol] how do i block the pop up with HIPS? what’s the name of the pop up? i’m afraid i’ll mistakenly allow it. and how about the update? since free version update server is different from paid version. i’m using slow dial up connection here

[to goose] tell me about your experience using avira will ya?

I’m still stickin with Avast at the moment for the Daily updates. Does Avira update daily?
By the way thanks for all the suggestions/help with Avira :smiley:


            The free version of Avira sure seems to.  

I manually check and update before I do a scan.
Oh another feature of the PAID version are seperate lines for faster updates. Not sure if it updates more than once a day.

With the free version so for the longest has been less than 2 minutes.


Well techinically this is the best system… Since they got rid of the bitdefender yes gdata lost some protection. But you should NEVER let an av site influence you…you should consider it, but on paper dosnt matter. Simply because avira has a higher detection (on av comparatives) dosnt mean its better then AVK (in this case.) my own ‘duel-system’ is nod32 and kaspersky. Nod32 trealtime and kaspersky on demand.

Avira has several updates a day. And the big pop-up can be made small so it’s quite inobtrusive. With XP Pro you can create a rule that doesn’t allow the notification-nagscreen to start.
Avira is just good. Really good.

Same here
Nod 32 & Kaspersky but sometimes I switch to kaspersky to realtime & nod32 to on demand
I believe there is no such thing 100% detection. Yes G-DAta is great but I heard it even slow Dual core Processors to a crawl. It eats to much system resources becouse of two scannings engines
Kaspersky & Avira I think it was Bitdefender & Kaspersky

Hi Ganda:

maybe i’ll go get avira sooner then.
[toRebol] how do i block the pop up with HIPS? what’s the name of the pop up? i’m afraid i’ll mistakenly allow it. and how about the update? since free version update server is different from paid version. i’m using slow dial up connection here

How you block that shit?

Well… it’s got something in it’s name like “-notify”. I think it was “avnotify.exe” or something similar…
can’t really remember, sorry… It’s simply been a long time I’ve been blocking “it” this way…
Every correct HIPS will be capable of blocking at least .exe files from starting I guess… :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

:■■■■ OK thx. i’ll download avira.

Hi Ganda, already tried it?

not yet, haven’t got the time. it needs about 1,5-2 hours to download an AV here. and patience is one expensive thing ;D . but i’ll try it soon, so i won’t need any additional virus scanner for my AV anymore. and i’m still waiting for the next “too good to be true” CAVS3. (L)

(:WIN) 99.8 to be exact
Well In theory , GDATA is the ultimate ANTIVIRUS, see the latest AV Comparatives results because of two scanners at the same time, (KASPERSKY & AVAST). Im dont think any antivirus can beat it to be honest. Because " Two Antivirus is better than one"… But it also the ultimate resource hog it even slows dual core computers to a crawl becuse of double scanners. I tried a trial copy of it you know it lags your computer to a turtle speed. I uninstalled it because its too much for today’s computer, Maybe in the future, it may become popular with introduction of quad core processors like AMD Barcelona. I think all antivirus vendors should watch out for it. In the future, it may even give the other antivirus vendors a run for their money literally… (:TNG)