FYI: Comodo Time Machine Screen Shots :)

Hi Guys,

Comodo Time Machine (CTM) is the new name. and new architecture of Comodo DiskShield. This IS a time machine for PC’s, and will be available stand a lone and part of CIS v4. This is like the Apple’s Time Machine but for PC’s!

Yes… This is the CURE aspect of CIS! :slight_smile: And CIS version 4 (I reiterate) will have it.

Part 1 And Part 2 Attatched below.


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Part 3 & Part 4.



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thanks for posting Josh…

This wil also be a stand alone product (this is the way its going so far… stand alone and integrated into CIS)


Nice look ;D
My only question is how will this work with the AV to make the cure aspect of the AV

Also i would recommend that there should be a automatic way to make snapshots everytime something installs.

Is it necessary to backup every single file and folder? How about a way to only back up the original files and folders that have been modified or created since a certain “check point”

Btw- Looks like your even giving us a sneak peak at what v4 will look like? :wink: I like it :slight_smile:

That would work also. ;D

Looks like a new very powerful component!

I suspect comodo has tested this program against various malwares and rootkits (possible tested it on a clean computer that they later heavily infect?) to see if it can truly roll back a system? =)

Guess its sort of a roll-back thing?

Haven’t really tested comodo DiskShield… =]

Time Machine. :slight_smile:

CIS v4 prevention/detection some how is disabled, or you allow a malware accidentally to come through, Go back in time and it’s as simple as that.

As always, Cure is last line of defense with Memory Scanner/Signatures. Cure is insurance of your house and car, How many times have you guys been in a car accident? You need car assurance if that is the case! But prevention always comes first to prevent it happening in the first place.

And yep… This is a glance of what CIS v4 GUI will look like.


Ok thanks for the info Deadly Pawn ;D ;)…

I was mostly interested in some confirmation that this component has been tested against a whole bunch of samples to really be on the safe side that it can roll-back in common worst case scenarios…

(eg the scenario of a user by accident allowing one/several rootkits to install them self…)

I’ve never been in a car accident. =O

samehere, that a bad example but i get (i think)
So is the cure aspect backup for AV or is CTM backup for Cure, what i mean is what comes first, so if CURE fixes it no need for CTM but if cure cant fix it use CTM?

You see sometimes cleaning some nasties is too cumbersome and difficult… why bother… just press a single button and let CTM take you back :slight_smile: Especially when its built into CIS it will be one powerful beast!


direct disk access control, from d+ or from CTM or both?

If it’s going into CIS I think it will be free.

Not to mention the times the malware has damaged system files so much,that to clean the system
means to break it also.
So a Mucho-Macho Anti-virus removes all trace of your malware,but also takes away safe mode,control panel,and who knows what else?
This is much better.
Kinda like Hippocrates,and his maxim “First do no harm.”

Off course this will be free, Along with CIS v4… Which off course will also be free. There will be a stand a lone one (that is how things are going) and this integrated in CIS - Stand a lone I don’t mean just checking CTM on CIS installation, like a separate download, which is nice.


It looks very nice, I already like it, I hope CIS GUI will be the same :-TU :-TU
Bravo Comodo
Red is da color !!!

Yes, Red is the same as CIS GUI. CTM GUI and CIS 4 GUI are very similar.


Hi everybody

GUI looks really nice, but what is the size of CTM? DiskShield size was 2MB. Also are there any difference between CTM and DS, except the name. I thought DS is like Returnil, but I see now that CTM is like Rollback. Does it mess with MBR?

Hi Josh,

Thanks for screenshots.

A little suggestion in case there will be updates:

1) It is better to prefix file names of images something like 1_image.jpg; 2_AnotherOne.png etc.
That will help to observe them if there is a certain sequence otherwise the latter can be broken.

Sure that is not a demand – you spent your own time doing that.
All posted still gives a good preview.

2) in part 4; image e.jpg

That is actually Time Machine installation, but not CIS and another thing –
“Setup will install … in tha following folder” What tha… !? ;D

Thanks again

Cheers! :-TU


Red is da color !!!

I may disagree. That makes some people nervous (me included) especially those who ran away from “Red regimes”. :-)… seriously…
Basically the intention of the Software is to provide peace of mind & security, but it looks >:-D threatening. Cheers! :slight_smile:

I second this. Will there be an ability to customize colors?