FYI: COMODO Internet Security 3.5.55810.432 Update [CLOSED]

Hi Guys,

We have issued an update to upgrade CIS to 3.5.55810.432. The release notes will be refelected in the web site.

Here are the release notes for you:

FIXED! AV updating does not use internet explorer proxy settings
FIXED! Defense+ does not protect WOW3264 registry keys
FIXED! Defense+ reports truncated function name for some hooks
FIXED! Cmdagent.exe consumes 100% memory when firefox.exe is run
FIXED! Windows gives unsigned driver alert while installing CIS firewall drivers
IMRPOVED! AV scanning takes long time while scanning certain files

You should be getting the update notifications from your updaters shortly.

Download locations:

Size: 25.9 MB (27,206,408 bytes)
MD5: a86f4ce1d2d9be11b10bb0e3ac6aa1ce
SHA1: 612440f35b17ff4f38db37bc758335e263d8036c


Size: 41.1 MB (43,142,920 bytes)
MD5: 5244c578b531dbab4e72aa286973d65c
SHA1: 0c859210da071422ad7fd98b15e1017eef54fe80


Do we have to uninstall 427, or can we safely update the program?

Updated via program updater and runing smoothly.


i even got an email telling me that there is an update available.
Great stuff

WOW!!! Great update thanks a lot COMODO TEAM :BNC

thanks For the update (L)


Thanks for the update!
Good work


Major changes!!! Great work COMODO!!!
(R) (R) (R)

FIXED! Defense+ does not protect WOW3264 registry keys
Just updated thru automatic update, but where does this have to appear?

Do you mean WOW6432? But it was already present in 427 version.
I have a 32-bit XP Home SP3 machine and I don’t have any of the two WOW entries in the Registry (neither 6432 nor 3264)
I’m confused about it

I thank the team Comodo!

Great News thank COMODO!!! (CNY)

Hmm updated unpackers to speed up scanning of multimedia files?

Update went fine. Running smoothly.


Does this update by any chance add a lot of entries to the software registry hive? It has suddenly gone from about 6 MB to almost 10 MB and I can’t recall installing any new software that would add this much (I did try Iobit Advanced SystemCare but I didn’t let it make any changes to the system and I uninstalled it).



did this update fix the old dwmapi.dl bug because now i’m getting the correct dwmapi.dll alerts.


yes. It has been fixed.

Thx for the update… Bug fixes and performance related stuff. Excellent choice… (:NRD)

Thanks. That’s good to know.


Unpackers itself wasn’t updated. BTW most of CIS .dlls and .exes was updated and scanning speed of multimedia files considerably improved. I has tried on mp3 files.

Good work Comodo!