FYI: about turning off the the flashing icon....

When I was reading about that (:NRD), I have epilepsy snce age nine. So I would know why it does bother some. In performing an electroencephlograph (EEG), neurologists and neuro surgeons use a strobe light to induce a small seizure for testing. Being hungry, angry or tired, can create the same thing for it weakens a person to be prone to a seizure. I remeber getting angry (:AGY) over someone at the bus stop for school.
I thought is was because I was weak and that there was something wrong :cry: , My dad was a golden gloves boxer in the US Navy. Being a drunk just made things worse. (:SAD) I did not see that there was a link between the two :-X . After all I only drank on weekends :■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■ ! But there was, I would have a seizure two days before I drank. :THNK For 3 days, I was detoxing from alcohol. I even used alcohol as a depressant for my drugs.
Another thing was that it was washing my medications out of me since alot of pills were washed down by alcohol and at the end of the night, it was gone! :BNC and that was happening, bouncing off walls. Chris7

I think you definitely should get a prize for the most emoticons used in one post (:CLP)

As I recall the “Disable flashing of traybar icon” option was added to the configuration menu of BOClean by Kevin in direct responce to a request by a BOClean user with a similar problem. I think this was about a year ago as near as I can recall.


I think you are correct and it might have been Mele.