FYI: About COMODO Internet Security 4.1.150349.920 Update

Hi Guys,

We made a small update today to address some of the issues you might be facing. It will be a two phase update.

First phase which is today(9th June) addresses the following issues:

  • Windows start menu can not be clicked if Defense+ is enabled
  • Antivirus identifies some files as Corrupted

Second phase which is tomorrow(10th June) addresses the following issue:

  • COMODO Antivirus decreases the performance of file downloads if installed as standalone

You should be receiving the automatic updater messages already and do not need to reinstall.

The new setups are available at Firewall Download | Best Firewall Security software for Windows

COMODO Internet Security/Firewall/Antivirus 3.x users will also get a notification for the updates. The 3.x users will be guided to the download page above where they can download the latest version and upgrade their products to 4.1 by manually downloading the appropriate setups.


When you say “AV identifies some files as corrupted” do you mean comodo AV or 3rd parties?

Thanks for this update Egemen :-TU

It appears that at least the following fixes are also included:

  • conflict with sandboxie
  • intermittent (but frequent) problem. Sandboxed virtualised browsers cannot access the internet after being ‘allowed’ access in an alert

Can you confirm please?

Best wishes


I don’t get it. Will there be like 2 different versions - the one out just now and a different number version tomorrow?

No I think he is saying there will be another update tomorrow, so the version number will advance again.

Where exactly on that page is the update located and will we be able to recognize these new setups by a numerical designation?


I had problems when I tried to update from 3.x.
It did not completely install. I removed 3.x and installed 4.0.
4.0 is working fine and EXCELLENTLY I’d like to add. :wink:
Is anyone else having problems with the installer.exe file(s) for the new version 4.1? I think this is a temporary glitch in the installer file. (hope this isn’t a duplicate question. I’m new here)
It’s not my home computer. I tried this with 3 other test computers and was still having the same problem.
I’m a computer tech/instructor/IT.
Am going to wait for the next update.
Keep up the GREAT WORK Comodo. ;D

Release Date: 12th of April 2010

Update: Please see latest release notes.

Yeah, the release notes say 2nd of June.

LOL !!!

I’d like to add some feedback…
Yeah… always and always… did not update the official website…
C’mon man this is your official website… please do something… cannot be always like that…
Very sad… :frowning:

Many thanks, the first part of update has done what was claimed, as far as I can see.

Thanks for update

Before CIS announces that there is an update the Comodo staff should update the release notes page first !!!

And I think it is better if CIS announces an update it should say the version number.

yeh, those few things would be nice :slight_smile:

Version number and correct release date on the download page, yes please.

And why the choice between FW (58,612,168 bytes), CIS (58,612,168 bytes) and AV (62,208,912 bytes) ? I find that rather confusing.

oh good there is a comodo 4… to bad i can’t install it yet =c

Comodo has a horrible record of updating the release page even days after a new version is out. The best part about this is that a link to “see update details” is provided in the updater, which sends the user straight to the embarassing page wondering what in the world they are updating to. How about instead of that link the updater tell us what version we’re updating to on its own? :stuck_out_tongue:

Are we still getting a new release today?

hm, the newest download now has file version 4.1.19175.918, product version 4.1.150247.918

That’s odd. Although looking at the numbers this is actually a newer version despite ending in 918. Just look at the 4.1.19175.918 as opposite to 4.1.150349.920…

Yep… Sandboxie issue is also fixed.

Are you 100% sure :D…I wouldn’t touch it…if it was a 20’ foot long pole ;D…I’ll better wait a bit longer :wink: