FW settings & antivirus [Solved]

Will the following settings clash with my Avast Anti virus?

[i]COMODO - Internet Security (which is for the full installation, with Antivirus and Firewall components (Recommended and this is the default choice) )

COMODO - Proactive Security (which is for the full installation with some advanced settings. This choice provides highest security level. This choice is suggested for users who need maximum protection) [/i]

Do you have the AV Component Installed?

If So, It’s not good to have Two AV’s Up And Running

Proactive - More Alerts

Internet Security - Best Option for the average user

Does this solve your issue?


Okay I understand now, no I don’t have the AV plugin.


You are most welcome,

Any Other Issues or Concerns Kesher?


Nothing for now, THANKS

Most Welcome Kesher

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