FW problem

How can I configure FW to alow specific apps to use other apps to go to the internet, ex.: Remote desktop connection (RDC) uses Safenet IPSEC to connect to other PC-s in the VPN network, RDC normaly automaticaly activates IPSEC, but when Comodo FW is installed, it does not work, it works for ex. when Zone Alarm FW is instaled.

also, I have got problems with NOD32 AVirus update.

Hi Zombie

Sorry about moving your topic. I don’t personally know much about RDC/IPSEC over VPN or NOD32. But, there are others that do run those with CPF & I thought your issue would get better exposure in this section.

However, “apps to use other apps” is controlled by CPF in the Application Monitor. Each entry may have a specified parent. By default, CPF learns the parent by usage. Is this what you meant?

If there are any entries in CPFs log concerning your connection problems with VPN or the NOD32 update, then please post them here (CPFs log can be exported to a HTML/TXT file & from there you should be able to cut ‘n’ paste). This will help those who know about VPN & NOD32 to assist you.