FW Driver


I just noticed that in Device Manager/Non Plug n Play devices, CIS Helper Driver is not activated (Firewall Driver is on).
Is this normal?


No. It should be started. You could run the the Diagnostic tool to see if CIS find errors in the installation and can correct them.

After a second reboot both drivers were activated (I had CAV/D+ only and decided to instal the FW module through Control Panel/Programs).
Then I runned the Diagnostic tool which showed no errors.
I’ll keep an eye on things.

Thanks for the help Boris.

P.S. If you decide to add/remove a module from the suite is it advisable to do a clean uninstall/install instead of choosing Add and Remove components?
P.P.S. I noticed as well that when I had CAV/D+ there were no Comodo related drivers in Device Manager/Non Plug n Play devices. Is it how it should be? All other AVs would have drivers parked there.

Are you using Windows 8? In that case you won’t see Comodo drivers under Non Plug and Play drivers.

Normally you see two drivers under Non Plug and Play. After uninstalling you will see four ghosted CIS drivers (when starting up device manager after having run “set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1” from the command prompt).

If you want to add or remove a component you can use Add/Remove. There is no need to clean install.

Thanks Eric, Im under W7 64.

Just confirm one last detail please, is it normal that when the FW is not installed no drivers will show? (I followed the right steps like “devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1”).

I edited the command to run from the command prompt in my previous post: I had the first quote in the wrong place.

On my Win 7 x86 you will see two drivers in Non Plug and Play with full installation of CIS. I cannot comment if that is the same on Win 7 x64 as I don’t use it. See attached image. The first driver is the Inspect packet filter driver and is related to the network Firewall. The second driver is related to D+.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I have exactly the same drivers on my x64.
But… if the second one is D+ related I wonder why it didn’t show when the FW was not installed.
Anyway, considering D+ did its job (and Autoruns showed the drivers running on startup) it’s probably by design.
Still… if someone out there is using only CAV/D+ could you check this on your machine?

Thanks again Eric.